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In some cases, it may be necessary to wire speakers in different configurations in order to properly match the amplifiers impedance capabilities. The following diagrams show different connections in order to get your desired impedance load.There are basically two different way to wire speakers, “series” and “parallel” typically the series wiring configurations is used to increase the impedance and parallel is used to reduce the impedance for the larger more advanced systems, you can combine both series and parallel connections to achieved your desired net impedance.

Impedance examples for single voice coil subwoofers:

single_parallel  single_seriessingle_combo

Impedance examples for dual voice coil subwoofers:

dual_parallel dual_parallel_2 dual_combo

The following chart will show the net impedance the amplifier will see when using multiple speakers. Before making connections to your amplifier, be sure to check the amplifiers impedance capability (lowest load allowed) Connecting low impedance loads beyond the amplifiers specified capabilities will cause the amplifier to over-heat and cause permanent damage to the amplifier and speakers.