F475 Amplifiers Products

Product Description


Euphoria Amplifiers are the finest example of the DB Drive experience, delivering performance and audiophile reproduction that is expected from our many years of research and development. During the development of these amplifiers, all internal audio components were carefully rehearsed and massaged. Giving us the finest selection of transistors and audio drivers matched to produce a sound that would rival even the most high-end audiophile home amplifiers. Euphoria amplifiers simply offer an extremely wide-range, airy, and emotionally sonic performance that can only be measured by the passion that lives inside of your music.

NOTICE: The EUPHORIA amplifiers do not include any internal fusing. DB Drive highly recommends the use of the proper fuse values during the installation process in order to extend the life of your amplifiers.

External Fuse Value Recommendation:
F475 = 60 AMPS

F475 : 4 Channel Class AB Full Range Technology

  • 4 x 75W @ 4 Ohms Output Power (RMS) @ 14.4 VDC
  • 4 x 95W @ 2 Ohms Output Power (RMS) @ 14.4 VDC
  • 2 x 300W @ 4 Ohms Bridged Output Power (RMS) @ 14.4 VDC
  • 2 Ω Stereo load Capability
  • Audiophile Grade tiffany RCA connectors
  • Full Range RCA output connections
  • Variable High-Pass , Band-Pass or Low-pass crossover filters
  • Bridgeable outputs @ 4Ω load
  • 4 gauge Power cable input connectors
  • Double Sided Circuit tablet
  • Compatible with any 4/2Ω Loudspeaker