DB Drive Euphoria XPERT Neodymium Series

EX5K 5000 Watt Full Range Class D Monoblock Amplifier


  • Audiophile Grade tiffany RCA connectors
  • Selectable Low-Pass, Band-Pass or High-Pass x-over
  • High efficiency full range Class D Technology
  • Direct Connect Speaker Terminals
  • Large Gauge Power Wire Inputs
  • Speaker Short Circuit Protection
  • Conformal coated moisture resistant PCB


2Ω @ 14.4 Volts: 1 x 2500 Watts @ 2ohm

4Ω @ 14.4 Volts: 1 x 1250 Watts @ 4ohm
1Ω @ 14.4 Volts: 1 x 5000 Watts @ 1ohm


Working Voltage: 10 ~ 16Volts
Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 35KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: <95dB
Damping Factor: 150 dB<
Low Level Input: 6V ~ 0.2V
High Pass Filter Variable: 20Hz ~ 8KHz
Low Pass Filter Variable: 50Hz ~ 8KHz
Minimum Working Impedance: 1Ω
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